Taylor Machine Works’ TX-550RC and TX-925RC are specially designed to aid in the loading and unloading of breakbulk cargo from cargo vessels. With the counterweight removed, ship or dockside cranes can easily lower the TX-550RC into a vessels hold.

Built on a 144-in. wheelbase, the TX-550RC has a rated capacity of 55,000-lbs. at 36-in. Load Center and 48,000-lbs. at 48-in. Load Center. Thirty-one thousand pounds of counterweight can be removed making the vehicle’s swing weight 46,000-lbs., enabling 25T (US) capacity cranes to handle the machine with ease.

Built on a 225-in. wheelbase, the larger TX-925RC has a rated capacity of 92,500-lbs. at 48-in. Load Center. The forty thousand pound counterweight can be removed making the vehicle’s transport weight without counterweight 84,000-lbs. The TX-925RC features an elevated center mount operator station.
We engineer and build what you need.
Taylor Machine Works was built on the premise, “We engineer and build what you need.” This is just as true today as it was in 1927. Taylor Machine Works can design, engineer, and manufacture equipment tailored specifically to meet the material handling needs of your business.
CANbus Technology
All machine controls are integrated using solid state controllers and J1939 CANbus technology. This allows controllers and sensors to communicate with minimal wiring between the components. I/O modules are used to eliminate electromechanical relay devices and add reliability to the machine control system. J1939 CANbus technology allows all machine data to be accessed through the main color display located in the cab. This display shows engine data along with warnings, spreader status lights, and man / machine interface data. The display allows service personnel to access data needed during troubleshooting (such as sensor status and controller outputs). Machine functions can be tuned through the main display in the cab. Tuning functions are password protected to prevent operator access.
Drive Train
The TX-550RC uses a Tier Certified Cummins® electronic turbocharged, charge air aftercooled (air to air) diesel engine. The TX-925RC comes with a Volvo® PentaTAD1360 Tier 4i electronic, turbocharged, charged air aftercooled (air to air) diesel engine. Standard engine features for both engines include electronic diagnostic and maintenance monitor, fuel/water separator and engine/transmission protection systems, improved fuel economy, and reduced emissions.
The transmission for the TX-550RC is a three-speed, fully reversing, modulated powershift transmission with inching, electric roll shift control, and a separate air-to-oil cooler. The transmission for the TX-925RC is a four-speed, fully reversing, modulated powershift transmission. Automatic powershift control comes standard on both models.

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